“Your classes have allowed me to cultivate a love and appreciation for yoga that I have never had the discipline towards before. I have enjoyed so much improvement to my health and energy and found so many creative connections to my meditation sessions and life in general.”


Melissa Collins

Pain and fear brought me to yoga. Joy keeps me here.

Over 20 years ago a doctor told me that he thought I had Multiple Sclerosis. After the appointment I sat in stunned silence thinking, “What do I do now?” The answer came quickly. I had to do Yoga.

I got up the next morning, started practicing and have not stopped. Though it did not eliminate all my problems – the doctor was wrong…I did not have MS – practice gave me a sense of control as well as a profound sense of joy. There was peace in my life. I wanted to find out why.

I enrolled in the Himalayan Institute graduate program and started on a path of learning about the physical and psychological effects of yoga that continues to this day.

As my body become stronger and relaxed through asana practice I became less fearful.

I felt freer to try new things and did not take it personally if I failed. Meditation helped me find clarity and acceptance of  what I could not change. My body, heart and spirit opened to life’s possibilities.

Yoga is a philosophy of self-realization and self-transformation.

The practice has shown me that my path is to help others find   this peace and beauty within them.

There is no mastery of yoga, only practice.